Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tomomi Itano (板野 友美) Pretty and Talented AKB48 Member

Itano Tomomi (20) of popular idol group AKB48 who had her solo debut on the same day as Kikkawa. Itano Tomomi, born July 3, 1991 is a member of the Japanese idol group AKB48. She has a recurring role on Kamen Rider W as the queen, alongside friend Tomomi Kasai. Together, they make up the sub-unit Queen & Elizabeth.

Tomomi Itano is currently in the process of promoting her solo single "Dear J". As of January 2011, the single is set to be in stores on January 26th. It currently holds 3rd place in Recochoku (largest Japanese ring tone site) Chaku Uta ranking.

AKB48 member and solo artist Itano Tomomi arrived at Tokyo’s Tower Records to meet the famous star. Through a translator, Itano Tomomi confessed that she’s been listening to Avril Lavigne’s music since her middle school days, and that she feels nervous about being the only solo artist to debut from AKB48. The two celebrities also traded copies of their latest single.

Another week means another edition of the idol magazine “Weekly Playboy“, and once again, it includes gorgeous pictures of our favorite idols and/or actresses. This week’s main pictorial features AKB48’s solo debutant Itano Tomomi and, wow, they sure know how to bend the meaning of “pure”. The sweet bikinis, as they call it, are the highlights of this set, but every single page, every picture, every inch is a highlight on its own.

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