Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tamara Bleszynski Bugil in Beach

Actress Tamara Bleszynski come up section at film thriller "Air Terjun Pengantin'. well, to be able to watching action Tamara Bikini you are obligatory demoes citizen sign card before enter cinema.

Tamara unfold film that not to consumsion by underage onlooker. She even also emphasized if "Air Terjun Pengantin' enters category 17 year to on.

" later that watch that film must be inspected KTP-, " said characterization tiara that moment met at fx public square, jl. jend sudirman, jakarta south, monday
Only Tamara, the stage manager rizal mantovani also set out several actress other not lose the section. Among others, Tyas Mirasih and Navy Rizky Tavania.

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