Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mariana Renata Beautiful Actress and Model

Mariana Renata was born in Paris, December 31, 1983. She is an actress and model who in 2004 had been a star Lux advertisement, which then catapulted her. Daughters of male partners from France, Andre Dantec and Anita Kirana that once lived in Zimbabwe for six years before returning to Paris for a year and finally settled in Indonesia.

Mariana Renata graduated from the University of Sorbonne, Paris, majoring in English Literature, has completed her master's degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. The films Maria, so called normal, including Janji Joni (2005) and had a role as Kay in the film Lux Short Movie, Matchmaker (2006). In addition, women who had issued close to Nicholas Saputra, also once starred in a video clip Peterpan and Ungu Band.

Beautiful virgin who pleaded not too often this exercise feel fortunate to blessed with a natural slender body. Mariana Renata was free to eat anything without any restrictions. Artists who like backpacking and cycling are also classified as not too diligent to the salon. To maintain her appearance, she prefers natural treatments and simple as diligently wash my face and so forth.After finishing school, she chose a break in Sydney while enjoying the hobby of modeling, backpacking, and traveling.
Hobbies traveling can not be separated from the Mariana Renata. After completing magisternya education at the University of New South Wales, Australia, Maria - her nickname - can not wait any longer to get around half the American continent.
"I like to Involve the culture in the countries I visited," she said in Plaza Indonesia, Tuesday. This week, Mariana Renata had just returned to Jakarta to do the promo a beauty product skin.

The actress who graduated from undergraduate education at the University of Sorbonne, Paris, was enthusiastically telling her last journey in America. She tried snorkeling in Mexico Beach and mountain climbing in Guatemala. Told reporters, Mariana Renata said it is not determining the direction of her career, whether kept in modeling or doing business in accordance with the study magisternya. "Do not know yet. Want to relax first," said Mariana Renata. "If I am married and have children later, it will be difficult if you want to travel," said Mariana Renata, who is now planning to backpacking in Spain. "Hence, while still young, I want to relax first," she said with a smile.
Model once players movie, Mariana Renata, who began her acting debut in Janji Joni did have a hobby to travel backpacker style tour. For the preparation Mariana Renata pleaded not too complicated, but when it comes to health, the artist of this one very strict rules apply.
"Yes injectable vaccine like most wealthy in America have malaria vaccine injections, yes just sempet injecting 5 different vaccines," she said when met at Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (04/13). In travel, Mariana Renata admitted often do it alone, even if rollicking usually he met with his friends in the journey. She enjoy doing this hobby since the age of 19 years.

As a model, of course, Mariana Renata should maintain its appearance, even though it meant he had to do extra care when he was traveling tours. Often she was wearing UV protection to maintain healthy skin. "Rich climbed mountains, diving yes I wear it out in advance before a new activity," she said. As for the other treatments she used to do at the hotel where she was staying.

Her favorite place is Costa Rica diving while to tour the mountains, she claimed to have climbed the mountain in Guatemala. As for the resorts in the country, women born in Paris, France, December 31, 1983 it chose Komodo Island as her favorite spot.
"When compared with I prefer Komodo Island Komodo Island, snorkeling was wow when I see it was really blowing," she said excitedly.

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