Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mai Selem Unseen Sexy Big Breast

Musical debut
She made her appearance to the community through her two video clips which are "Alby Byehlam" and  which were directed by both Ahmad Yousri and Caroline Labaki. The two video clips/songs noticed a huge acceptance by the Arabic audience, in fact they were both a remarkable successes for this new artist.and she has a sis working in the business as well.

Like many Middle Eastern artists, Mai sings in the Egyptian dialect, though she was born to a Jordanian father and a Lebanese mother. She's been living in Egypt ever since she was at a young age and as stated she almost lived her whole life there. She gained a Degree of Business Studies from Maritime Academy in Egypt.[1] Though the fact that Mai has always aspired to be a Ballerina when she was young, and at a later time of her life she wanted to join Institute Of Cinema in Egypt. Mai was talked out of it by her parents, who were worried for her to have an unstable future for her if she pursued in this field.

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