Thursday, January 13, 2011

Audy Item Beautiful Singer Indonesian

Paula Allodya Item better known as the Audy; born in Jakarta, 23 April 1983; age 27 years is an Indonesian singer who is the son of jazz musician senior partner Jopie Item and Evie Aquanthie Aziz.Audy was the daughter of musician Jopie Item and Evie Aquanthie Aziz. His brother named Stevie Item is a guitarist from the band Andra and The Backbone. 

While her older sister who was once named Echa Item Once affair with before now married to Emil, the bassist of the band Naif. Audy himself had established with Tyo Nugros love, but now their romance has foundered.The name Audy participate referred to as one among 23 other Ariel porn video. Rumored to be so, Audy relaxed."Who calls my name, whatever. 

Must be wiser and more intelligent thinking only are these people calling my name. Anyway, that baseball was right," said Audy in Studio Penta, Kebon Jeruk, Wednesday, (16/06/2010 ).Singer "Lama-Lama Aku Bosan" does not know why his name can come forth in the middle of the hot video becomes public discourse. Even so, Audy not dismiss familiar with Ariel."I'm with him, yes so-so only. If such thing as a fellow musician, certainly knew each other. 

But I also know baseball is too close to him," explained Audy.
Instead of a headache thinking about the gossip side, former boyfriend of this Nugros Tyo would not make it load. "Create dipikirin hell. Biarin aja. Anyway.

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